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“ Sir songchangryeol article ”
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Battles do not just suffer self!
Despite the young age of 80th "puck puck" defeat ...
Fri, September 4th, 2009 13:11:18 Kim Yong Joon journalists yjkim@newsmaker.or.kr
Martial Arts Koguryo mural painted on the bare reporter's successor, Gimhae, Gyeongnam looked away to meet. Folk arts have been Lehi's lineage, as do cases of 手 搏 records related to the existing literature does not Gojong Korean actors since the actual reality that can be seen as a will. Soobak is 拍手 (clap, clap or clapping) as referring to one centered on the banks of the Yalu River now Goguryeo and Balhae refugees and after that it comes down to enjoyment of their long history and tradition jeontongseong, academic characteristics, traits and acceptable to local few gestures pure traditional arts and culture. In addition, in this era without losing its appearance in this valuable forms of expression as conveyed dabunhi based on rough and unrefined protostar may be referred to the intangible cultural heritage. In addition there will be martial arts, dance popular as soobak soobak can be playful butt dance and there is a fencing sword geommu to be made of wood in the same vein as the soobak as playful as it handed down. Basic operations of the martial arts as a soobak expression and several dance tune is harmonized with support gekkeum Conventional wisdom would be called soobak butt dance of the adult children to imitate it, or educational purposes, it is common to see Did not teach academic vision.

Modern literature has a soobak knife old writing skills will also come from the famous Ming Dynasty Chinese long life and taught military history is hiding in high simsangchan all do it.

   Song profoundly soobak, master of the Japanese era famous sportsman fist!

Soobak is the only domestic successor, (g) the Soobak Association (torture songchangryeol www.soobak.or.kr) was born in 1932 in Osaka, Japan, South Hamgyong Province, Gyeonggi-do, spent his childhood in personality and elsewhere. At the time of the famous fist through a teacher that has a personality songchangryeol pot metal manufacturing plant in the house, because there was a rich time of oppression Japanese educational opportunities for poor and deprived children, unlike other Japanese Korean education received in school every day molmae josenjing to fit it, or even per-bullying this was because of the opportunity to learn a soobak. Teacher is saying sinchaeho scraps Song (also considering gaegyeong) over the 手 拍 (China) to get into martial (拳法) is and go to Japan induction (柔道) has been your bar. "At the time, Japan was dominated by the personality of the era was. Furthermore, the world is a mess and mwoda war again Japan Korea culture that we obliterated ttaeraseo pyeodeon policy is not easy to reveal that taught me in my place and individuality in cheonilryong Fox secretly learned to remember to go to goal. "Since 1942 thousand years in the West from 1950 to personality (real name cheonilryong) can be learned from driving (手 搏 技) gamyeo memory lane for years in succession, which will develop. In particular, the king of the Joseon Dynasty Soobak gapsa escort to pick test subjects, including the adoption of the heyday, but now only nine songchangryeol songjunho the son of Mr. Ong received transmission continues in that vein situation. Ong songchangryeol held at the National Theatre in 2001, "Republic of Korea traditional martial art first" to map the soobak and traditional martial arts competitions in 2004, 故 songdeokgi (Taekgyeon successor) knots chosen as a winner once, but in the 20 years since the 2nd Martial Arts Merit Award gwangwangwi culture was also recognition, KBS and MBC, and appeared on Arirang TV can baksiyeon Harold economy this year was chosen to promote traditional martial arts are winning target. He was introduced from the private as well as the oncoming guhanmal soobak was able to reproduce the hamgyeongdo geommu neighborhood of a folk figure is also rare. The soobak is a state-designated intangible cultural heritage (No category) during deliberations to be.


Songong the技?(arts) is a tradition (g) Association for soobak soobak culture in Korea's own martial arts excavation, conservation, research, and culture through the traditional means for the purpose of promoting international recognition of the maternal leave is soobak the Preservation Society and in 2001 he jeonsugwan Seoul, August 18, to charter from Youth and Sports now has reached back deukhan. In October 2001 a demonstration outside the National Theatre Main Hall, Seoul Leisure Sports Council in October each year until 2008, the erection of one support from a total of 24 banmuye seventh, along with non-tube 'traditional martial arts competition' also held academic and National Cultural Heritage Institute of field survey and other related agencies authorized to receive, with great interest, and soon, the traditional martial arts event to be selected, specify Watermelon Promotion songchangryeol country around the pot, others struggling to be spread. "Historically, when considering even the bare stone and break the Tigers had to beat the catch is" modern martial arts are not sports shoes tough times, tough people that soobak was a river that was the Japanese occupation and liberation songchangryeol Ong, Korea while passing through turbulent times of war, such as martial arts remain forgotten and lamented the reality. However, in recent years the share of traditional martial arts soobak growing in the field of promoting inter-Korean exchanges situation then gradually brighten the future of the soobak market. Demonstrated directly in contact武(martial arts) and舞(dance), it is not at all plain that separate could be confirmed. Coriander what about the idea of a stick. "High demand? Because what I gosup. People can play without it ... "again, suddenly looked up and said, leading to questions mutter. "So ... according to the clouds along the wind Without greed ... "disappeared without a name, a number of float?(for example) and?人(YES), and press the Foot turned to miss. NM
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